long distance relationships

This made me laugh louder than it should

Anonimo asked, "And Kurt will probably still wear his engagement ring to prove how badly he wants Blaine back...."

"I was homeschooled a lot, so I’m not the greatest speller, typer, you know. So I would just go home and I would record everything on a recorder. And then my co-star Chris Colfer, who’s an amazing writer, he’s like, “I just imagine you at home, with like a glass of wine being like, ‘Make-up, let’s talk about lipstick.’” And I was like, that’s funny, because that’s actually exactly like that." — Lea Michele on Live With Kelly & Michael (via princebastian)

Disecting the Glee Spoilers (Part two) 


Now for Kurt and Blaine:

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I just wanna be the first pokemon trainer who recive the hogwarts letter 


I just wanna be a pokemon trainer



'you're too old for pokemon'

I believe we are called VETERAN TRAINERS, THANK YOU

AU | Quinn happens to be friends with Sebastian, who obviously has a thing for Kurt.


this was worth reading

Me and my pokemon spam 

I am totally in pokemon mood, so if you don’t want any pokemon in your dash you can block my pokemon tag (pk)

TV shows

* Teen Wolf
* The Leftovers


* Haikyuu!!
* Fairy Tail
* Hunter x Hunter
* Love stage
* Kamigami no Asobi
* Yowamushi Pedal
* Black Butler
* Dramatical Murder
* Geggan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
* Winx Club season 6


* The Casual Vacancy

To watch

* Once upon a time
* Prince of Tennis
* Affluenza

Kurt and Sebastian are dolphins
and dolphin are just gay sharks

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