...but something was missing. That something was someone and that someone was you

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I’m again in Drarry mood yeah!!!

I read two 38 chapter long fic in four day and now I have to start reading an other one. I can’t wait!

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Kurtbastian Hiatus Project 

Week 3, Day 3: Paris

Words: 466

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Fic: Life is a Trip


Written for the Kurtbastian Hiatus Project 2014

Week 3: Vacation

Summary: Five times Kurt and Sebastian go on vacation together.

Part 1 - Part 2


Part 3: Paris

The third time Kurt and Sebastian went on vacation together was coincidentally the first time they actually wanted to.

Somehow Sebastian’s One day I’ll have to show you Paris happened a lot sooner than both of them expected. To be perfectly honest, Kurt hadn’t expected it at all. It had sounded so much like an empty phrase, something you said off-handedly but never worked to make it come true. However, Sebastian had turned it into reality. He had claimed it was a gift to Kurt for actually putting up with him for four month already. Kurt had only looked at him confused.

‘Why four month? Why not six?’
‘Couldn’t wait that long. It wouldn’t have been significant in two month.’

‘What’s more significant about four months than six?’

It was hard to be sure because of the dimmed lighting, but Kurt could have sworn he saw a faint blush creeping onto Sebastian’s cheeks.

‘Last week you told me you love me.’

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kurtbastian hiatus projectweek three
day three: paris

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I always wonder how people found my Tumblr.

I wonder why they clicked onto my page specifically.

I wonder what makes them click the ”Follow” button.

I wonder who actually keeps up with my Tumblr.

I wonder who actually enjoys my Tumblr.

I wonder if I’m anyone’s Tumblr crush.


You can come confess if you want……

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Fic: Life is a Trip


Written for the Kurtbastian Hiatus Project 2014

Week 3: Vacation

Summary: Five times Kurt and Sebastian go on vacation together.

Rating: M

Part 1


Part 2: Road Trip

The second time Kurt and Sebastian went on vacation, it was out of necessity. And it couldn’t even be called vacation, even if their friends and family said it was. Really, spending days trapped together inside the tiny space of a car could be considered a modern version of torture, certainly not vacation.

It wasn’t even that they were still enemies. Far from it, actually. But their shared activities usually involved far less time to talk and often at least a tiny amount of alcohol.

Kurt kept tapping his finger on the steering wheel, while his gaze was focused strictly at the road without even acknowledging Sebastian.

‘Tell me again, why are you driving?’, Sebastian asked, trying to quell his urge to hit Kurt’s hand until he stopped the annoying tapping.

‘Because I don’t trust you enough to let you control something that could kill me.’

‘Fun, you don’t trust me with your car but with your dick.’

Kurt’s knuckles turned white as he was gripping the steering wheel tighter and tighter.

‘I thought there was a silent agreement not to talk about this?’

‘Was there? I thought you’d know by now that I’m not so good at being silent.’

‘How did this get so out of hand? It was supposed to be a one-time thing.’

‘You only said you don’t want a relationship. It’s not my fault I’m so good you keep coming back for more.’ Kurt gave him a dirty look.

‘I’ve never met anyone as shady as you.’
‘Thank you.’
‘It wasn’t meant as a compliment. You couldn’t drive my car anyway, it’s a stick shift if you hadn’t noticed.’

‘I actually got my license for cars with stick shift. Again, thank you so much for having such a high opinion of me,’ Sebastian clenched his teeth and kept looking stubbornly out of the window. Kurt’s anger deflated, but he didn’t apologize.

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me: oh man this is a character death fic... maybe i shouldn't read it
me: nah, can't be that bad
me: oh no
me: no no no
me: shit
me: *ends fanfiction*
me: oh god im so stupid
me: *cries on the floor forever*

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'Road to any where' Kurtbastian AU…


Kurtbastian hiatus project: Week 3, Main Theme: Vacation, Second theme: Road trip.

Stressed from both their jobs, Sebastian suggest’s to Kurt that they both go on a spontaneous get away.

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Kurtbastian one-shot - ‘Pillow Talk’


Kurt comes home from a business trip early to surprise his fiance, and finds Sebastian in bed with someone he never expected. Futurefic, angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, romance.

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